YII under Fedora with SELinux

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Running YII (release 1) under Fedora with SELinux required some adjustments to eliminate runtime errors and prevent the throwing of warnings. I have documented them here.

MySQL and Server Side Cursors

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Common wisdom says “MySQL does not support server side cursors”. I searched and did not find anything that indicated this was old information (read on). After a lot of unsuccessful work to get MySQL to handle cursors with 1 million … Read More

Address Parsing Routine

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To support a marketing project, I developed a screen scraping program which harvested names and addresses from a county public website and downloaded the information in a csv format. This file was then edited in Excel and mail merged to … Read More

Remote Access to MySQL on Fedora

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A recent project which involved working with MySQL Workbench and accessing a MySQL database on a Fedora 14 computer has proven to be a challenge in getting the connection established. Besides receiving rather meaningless errors

SSH to Remote Site without password

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When running ssh or scp from a script, there is a need to establish a connection to the remote site without being prompted for a password. This quick reference should get the job done.

PHPList and Dreamhost

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Intro I have been testing PHPList on Dreamhost. Yes Dreamhost offers an Announcement list, but I needed something with a nicer interface and PHPList seems to be the product of choice. After getting it to run, I needed a place … Read More

Situation Appraisal

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This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Decison & Problem Analysis

Managing requires a constant evaluation of the landscape. The following action sequence defines a process to assist in the evaluation of the environment and appraising the situation and then using the other tools identified, maximizing success Simply stated , your … Read More

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