Python 3, Tkinter & Windows 10

Python 2.7.12, 3.4 and 3.5 are installed on my Windows 10 computer. Running a test of tkinter in 2.7 works, but the test in either version of Python 3 throws errors: in Python run import tkinter;tkinter._test() _tkinter.TclError: Can’t find a … Read More

tpg-get-posts Patch 3.3.1

In release 3.3.0, I added the textdomain to support translations. This is all new to me and I expected there would be some rough places, but missed a pathing error on the first pass. This has been corrected with 3.3.1.

tpg-get-posts Update

Version 3.3 of tpg-get-posts has been released. The changes in this release are in the base product and not the the extension. Several releases ago the base plugin and extension were ‘decoupled’, so the release numbers will not always match. … Read More


show a video with Jetpack youtube= —————————————————– show a video – using built-in embedded functionality  

tpg_get_posts Version 3 Released

Release 3 has been pushed to the WordPress plugin library. This release changes some basic behaviour with thumbnails in addition to adding several premium options. Before reviewing the options, please note: The default behaviour for thumbnails in this release is … Read More

Get Posts Ver 3.0

By the end of August, version 3.0 of tpg_get_posts will be released. With this release, there may be some backwards compatibility issues, so the changes are listed here. This will be updated as testing reveals more.

Python Sharing Objects across Namespaces

I have an application that runs on Postgres & Mysql. Each program checks to determine the database type and then imports either postgres_db as db_util or mysql_db as db_util. This works without a problem if all code referencing the class … Read More

YII under Fedora with SELinux

Running YII (release 1) under Fedora with SELinux required some adjustments to eliminate runtime errors and prevent the throwing of warnings. I have documented them here.

MySQL and Server Side Cursors

Common wisdom says “MySQL does not support server side cursors”. I searched and did not find anything that indicated this was old information (read on). After a lot of unsuccessful work to get MySQL to handle cursors with 1 million … Read More