This plugin adds the ability to put a shortcode tag in a page or post and have it display a list of posts formatted similarly to the standard blog. The posts can be selected by one or more tag values to show only items relevant to the page.

The sub-menues show many of the options in use, both basic and premium. Note that several of the options, such as pagination and featured image layout, displayed are in version 3 which will be released in August.

By default it will show the 5 most recent posts ordered in reverse date order, but it will accept most of the options provided by the [tpg_get_posts] template tag.

To use it, just put the following into the HTML of any page or post, use as many times as you like on the same page:


This default usage will return the last 5 posts in reverse chronological order. It will display the post similarly to a standard post, honoring the  tag to produce a teaser. Meta data showing post date, author, modified date, comments, categories and tags is also displayed.


There is a premium version which permits more formatting of the by-line and metadata-line. See the documentation to see the additional features of the premium version. A license can be purchased at