The following examples demonstrate the use of the thumbnail option. Thumbnails are generated from the featured image and if a post does not have a featured image, then no thumbnail is generated. Not all of the posts have featured images assigned to them and are included to show the results when that is encountered.

Thumbnail Only

Only the thumbnail is displayed and a link to the post is wrapped around the image.

[tpg_get_posts cat="flowers" thumbnail_only="true" thumbnail_size="thumbnail"]

Thumbnail Only

Display a thumbnail image without a link to the post.

[tpg_get_posts cat="flowers" numberposts=2 thumbnail_only=
"true" thumbnail_link='false']

Show Title and Thumbnail

This is a bit of a hack, but it will show just the title and thumbnail. The thumbnail is generated as part of the content and this requires some manipulation to suppress the content.

[tpg_get_posts cat="flowers" thumbnail_size="thumbnail" fields="title, content" shorten_content="c0" text_ellipsis=""]

Thumbnails with Text Attribute

Place the cursor over the thumbnail to see the text popup. Either the Post Title or Image Title.

[tpg_get_posts mumberposts=1 cat="flowers" thumbnail_only="true" thumbnail_size="thumbnail" thumbnail_title="image"]

[tpg_get_posts mumberposts=1 cat="flowers" thumbnail_only="true" thumbnail_size="thumbnail" thumbnail_title="post"]