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By the end of August, version 3.0 of tpg_get_posts will be released. With this release, there may be some backwards compatibility issues, so the changes are listed here. This will be updated as testing reveals more.

** For those who wish to stay on the current release and not be nagged about updating, download version 2.5 and on the options screen of setting page, there is a check-box at the top to freeze the release. Select this check-box and save the options and the notice about a new update being available is suppressed.

New Features

  • remove the div id to pass validation
  • add pagination to the premium version
  • add sticky post to premium version
  • add featured-image option (fi_layout: image is above title and content)

Changed Features

  1. remove the div id to pass validation
  2. set default thumbnail size to ‘thumbnail’ — it was ‘none’. This will display the featured image as a thumbnail by default for a post.
  3. remove the !important from the .tpg-title-class to permit more control in formatting.

The changed features may cause existing sites to render differently. The notes below will help resolve display problems.

1. Use the div class to select for formatting.
2. Add the option thumbnail_size=’none’ to replicate version 2.5 behavior.
3. Add the !important tag to your custom css file.


Examples of codes and options are available for viewing as sub-menu items under WordPress ==> tpg_get_posts

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