For a shared service, this is our first choice as it provides the tools and support for those who want full control (as much as possible in a shared environment) of their environment. It has a robust management console but is a bit geeky. If you value function over form, then you will have no problems here.

The other advantage of Dreamhost is the easy migration to a virtual private server should your demands grow to level where a shared service is no longer a good solution.


Good service at a fair price, MyDomain provides a solid product. It has some restrictions on email and space, but the limits are large enough that most accounts will not bump up against them. The advantage is a nicer interface.


review pending

Liquid Web

For a more robust solution, Liquid Web offers a solution that is a bit more expensive, but by having tighter controls, it offers a consistently fast hosting service. So if your site puts demands on your low-end shared hosting service, then this is an option to consider.

Storm on Demand

For those sites with varying demand, Storm on Demand offers a product that scales with demand and you pay only for what you use. The difference between this and the Liquid Web product is the Liquid Web solution requires you pick a plan and if you exceed your limits you must upgrade. The Storm on Demand product automatically upgrades during peak demand and drops back to a lower pricing tier during low activity. A very nice product between a shared service and a virtual private server.

Of course, if you like race cars, commercials that have nothing to do with technology, hidden fees and think the internet content should be controlled by your hosting service, then there is an option for you too. Just no link from here.


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