The Pineridge Group has been providing a full range of computer support to small businesses and non-profit organizations for over 15 years. With over 25 years working in software development, we are able to draw on a depth of knowledge beyond the normal offerings. Our services include software development, web support and GIS services. See our services page for more information.

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Recent WordPress Posts

Release 3 has been pushed to the WordPress plugin library. This release changes some basic behaviour with thumbnails in addition to adding several premium options. Before reviewing the options, please note:

The default behaviour for thumbnails in this release is different in that featured images are displayed by default. The plugin divisions have been removed so the page will validate instead of showing duplicate divisions. This may effect custom formatting.

If you want to roll back to the previous release, download and install release 2.5.0 and set the option in the settings to freeze the release. This will prevent the update notice from being displayed.

More to come!

Recent Software Posts

I have an application that runs on Postgres & Mysql.  Each program checks to determine the database type and then imports either postgres_db as db_util or mysql_db as db_util.  This works without a problem if all code referencing the class db_util is in the __main__ module.  When I started putting code in classes (read more…)

Running YII (release 1) under Fedora with SELinux required some adjustments to eliminate runtime errors and prevent the throwing of warnings.  I have documented them here. (read more…)